Weddings undoubtedly are a big deal in Cuba. At this time there are several interesting practices that happen at these kinds of events. These traditions most appropriate approach to learn of a different culture and get to know the people who you will be spending your personal working day with.

The Dress

The bride would wear a luxurious and expensive dress that is certainly usually made from silk or satin with floral motifs. These dresses usually are very expensive and often have a lot of wide lace. They are also very plentiful and often feature ruffles and complete shorts.


At a Cuban wedding, the few will receive a considerable gift using their company parents in order to help them start off their new life alongside one another. These presents is often anything by clothes by decor items.


Food is a big part of Cuban weddings. Guests is going to eat a big feast after the wedding ceremony. This really is a tradition which is not as prevalent in the current times but it surely is still something which will be kept in mind by many for the guests.

Money Party

In a Cuban wedding, the bride and astrology and online dating groom may have a “money dance” with all of their particular guests. In this dance, everybody who is belly dancing will pin some money on the bride’s or groom’s dress so that you can give them a great gift. This money is then used to help pay for the couple’s wedding party and honeymoon.

Party Party favors

Guests at a Cuban marriage will receive get together favors to thank these people for visiting the event. These mementos will usually include things like Spanish hand followers or pottery that was handmade by regional artists.

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